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Chukker Wendy Logan
Wendy in her
"field of dreams"
High Goal Farm is located at 68 Louse Hill Road in
Greenwich, NY.  Our name is a way of honoring two very
special animals.  Knee-Hi was Wendy’s first horse whom
she had for 16 wonderful years till he passed away in 1997.  
Our late dog, Chukker (pictured with Wendy), is named
after a polo term (a “chukker” is a 7 minute period of play).  
“High Goal” is also a polo term referring to the highest level
of play.  Our name also reflects our commitment to have
the premier dog training facility in the Capital District.

Wendy Cerilli , the head instructor at High Goal Farm, has
been teaching classes since 1997 and competing since
1994.  Before that, she trained and showed Hunter/Jumper
horses.  Wendy currently competes with 9 Australian
Shepherds in USDAA, AKC, NADAC/ASCA, and CPE.  Her
dogs have earned multiple championships in all venues
(including UKC) and competed in many events (Nationals
and Championships).   Most recently, she placed 6th at the
2018 AKC Nationals in Orlando FL and was the top Aussie at
the event in agility.

Wendy has taught all levels of students with various types
of dogs.  She enjoys helping her students achieve their
goals (“High Goals” or just to have a fun night out with
their dogs).
High Goal Farm
68 Louse Hill Road
Greenwich, NY 12834