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Pet Bios


CGC   JHD-S  STDc  ATDsd  HSAsd   NF  RN

Brumby was born on January 2, 1997 and was bred by Paula McDermid.  He was the only puppy I looked at in my search for my first
purebred agility dog.  It was like fate brought us together.  Brumby was one of those dogs who is always willing to give 110% and his
whole goal was to do it faster.  He was a very powerful dog able to break equipment (esp. weave poles) and leap any and all
contacts and give those border collies a run for their money.  Still we have been quite successful.  We have competed in the Great
Outdoor Games, tried out for the World Team, and earned every agility championship offered in the US at least once.  Brumby was
4th at the 2000 AKC Agility Championships, placed numerous years at NADAC Championships, won the ASCA Agility Finals in 2002,
2004, 2005 and 2006 (2nd in 2003), and made the finals for both Steeplechase and Grand Prix at the USDAA Championships in 2004.  
He has also won numerous High in Trials at USASA National Specialties and was their leading dog for 24” JWW for 5 years in a row.

When not busy doing agility, Brumby competed in herding and obedience.  He was MVA (most Versatile Aussie) at the 2004 USASA
National Specialty and has qualified for MVA at ASCA Nationals in 2002 to 2006 placing as high as 6th.  Brumby was close to
achieving his Working trial Championship in ASCA - needing only 4 cattle legs.  Brumby taught me so much about herding and came
so far.  He could be VERY wild on sheep.  He loved to cause as much chaos as he fixed.  Since ducks can not run very fast, Brumby
learned how to herd with finesse instead of power and in the duck arena he excelled.

Sadly Brumby was diagnosed with leukemia in the spring of 2007.  He did not respond to chemotherapy or to a blood transfusion
and we lost him 18 short days later on April 18.  He truly was an amazing dog and I am so blessed to have had him for 10 wonderful
years.  I know how much he changed my life but I did not realized how he touched so many others.  We received the nicest card and
e-mails from people all over the country.  Apparently he was a legend in his own time.

A bit of Brumby lives on in the two litters of puppies he sireds  We kept one puppy from each litter – Slinger and Breyer (see their
pages for more info).  Craig Neri’s Flash is from Brumby’s first litter.  He has earned his MACH2 and lots of other titles too!  Paddy
who lives in Wisconsin earned his CD and his RA in Rally.  Brumby’s second litter included Breyer, Bramble, Bali, & Chloe all of
whom have titles in agility and/or stock.  We are very pleased to see that Brumby has passed on his great work ethic to his children
and that they are all cherished family members in their new homes.


HTD-1gd   STDc  ATDsd  CD

Slinger was born May 22, 2000 and is a son of Brumby.  He is not quite as fast as his father, but is much more consistent.  While he
enjoys agility tremendously, I feel his true love is herding; especially ducks.  He has placed on ducks in both USASA and ASCA
Nationals.  He was 2nd Most Versatile Aussie (MVA) at the 2005  USASA Nationals and 1st in 2007 and 2008.  He has qualified for
MVA at the last 5 ASCA Nationals.     

Slinger has placed at various Nationals and Championships, been a Grand Prix semi-finalist, and won numerous High in Trials for
Agility.  He is a dog who will run for anyone from 4 year olds to
World Team members.

On September 4, 2007, Slinger became the proud father of 5 puppies.  Of course we kept one, Colt!!  The other four are also in
performance homes.  Most will be debuting this fall so lookout!!



Chukker passed away peacefully on 10/9/08 at the plentiful age of 17 1/2.  No man ever had a better friend and I will miss him a great
deal.  I continue to see his pure love of life in our students'  dogs.  This brings me a sort of sorrowful happiness.  Thank you for
loving your pets as I have loved him. -  David

Chukker was adopted out of a shelter in 1991 when he was just 12 weeks old.  He spent his adolescence playing at horse farms
where he would jump all the horse jumps.  We started obedience classes after my horse retired.  When Chukker was 4, we had
heard about the sport of agility and thought it sounded like a ton of fun.  We took about 12 lessons and then entered out first show
(UKC in Wisconsin) amazingly we qualified and the rest as they say is history.

Chukker was a very patient student and teacher while I learned about handling.  He always tried to do what I asked and was a very
natural careful jumper.  He was an ideal first agility dog.  In the beginning we did not show very much and when we did I did not take
it very seriously so it was a while before I thought we could actually reach those Championships – but reach them he did!!  At age 9
he finished his ADCH, at 10 his MACH and V-NATCH, at 11 his ATCH, at 12 his APD, and at 13 his C-ATCH.

Some people wonder why I continued to show Chukker since he could be pretty slow but he has taught me so much – how to
motivate, how to find the tightest line, and how to keep myself moving at all costs.  To see Chukker running with that smile on his
face was worth all the effort in the world and is more rewarding for me than clean runs with my faster dogs.  Chukker retired at age
14 1/2.  His final agility run was the first run of the first trial at our High Goal Farm facility.



Logan (born on May 22, 1993) was a free to good home puppy who needed a home.  Sadly it was not long before we realized he had
very severe hip dysplasia.  At 7 months old he had his first hip reconstructed and two months later had the second one done.  To
keep him sound for the long run, I choose never to jump him.  He does love to work and has earned his ASCA and AMBOR CD’s as
well as an AMBOR TD.  With his always happy retriever attitude, Logan was a wonderful pet.  He passed away June 06.  We miss



Orso was born in January 2003 and was bred by Debbie St. Jacques in Argyle, NY.  He is a very cute dog who does everything with a
great big smile on his face.  In his short career he has accomplished quite a bit.  At just under two years of age, he qualified for Most
Versatile Aussie (MVA) at ASCA Nationals and at just over two he placed 4th MVA at USASA Nationals in 2005.

Orso is a dog who keeps me on my toes because I am never quite sure what he will do.  He has tremendous scope and can easily
clear a 20” triple by a foot and a half.   He loves to run with our various students (especially children).



Breyer was born September 19, 2004 and is another son of Brumby out of his second litter.  His mom is Impressive’s Joyful Joy.   
Nicknamed Mr. Serious, Breyer likes to be right.  Unlike his father he thinks before he acts.  He is very accurate in agility and
thoughtful on stock.  He earned his ATCH as a 2 year old.  At just over 3 he qualified for both the Agility finals and MVA (placing in the
top 10) at ASCA Nationals.  At 31/2 he finished 3rd  in MVA at USASA Nationals behind Slinger and Orso.  He is closing in on his first
MACH and should complete it before his 4th birthday.  Breyer's favorite hobby is dock diving.  Hopefully he will be able to try it
competitively one day!



Colt was born on September 4, 2007.  He is Slinger's son and Brumby's grandson.  His mother is R Chantilly Topaz Jewel NAJ OA JS-
N.  Colt's nickname is "The Chosen One"  as he was my pick of the litter.  Colt is in training for agility and herding.  He has already
competed in Rally earning his first leg and a second place!!  When not busy learning new things, Colt enjoys stealing cookies and
inspecting our students crates.  











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SUKI   (1976-1989)

Suki was my childhood dog and while I never took her to classes, I taught her many tricks.  Among other things, she was my
“horse” and would jump courses we made with the lawn furniture and poles and buckets.  I did not realize that there was such a
thing as Agility until many years later.  To us it was just an outlet for a horse-crazed girl.  Now the horses are just “pets” and the
dogs are the focus!!
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